MCK Design & Print are print experts. Many of us have a background in the prepress industry (under Hughes Lithographics Ltd) and so know the printing process inside out. We are just as familiar with CMYK as we are with RGB. No other print or design company in Dunedin or Otago can boast the technical prowess and expertise of MCK. We work to make things happen and are always endeavouring to find a more elegant solution to any problems that may crop up.

We do digital printing in-house and print manage offset printing. We also do folding/creasing, perforating, die-cutting and laminating.

Digital printing has advantages over traditional offset printing, most obviously in price for short runs of colour prints. Digital print also offers fast turnaround and the ability to make each print unique. Digital printing offers affordable printing for a wide variety of projects, from business cards to brochures to self-published books.

Where digital printing doesn’t make sense (long print runs or large print sizes, etc.) we can manage all or some of the process for you. For example, for a book on walks around Dunedin, we colour corrected and sharpened the images that would ultimately be offset printed. We also provided proofs, checked for overprinting and other printing problems to make sure that there were no surprises when the book finally made it on to the printing press.